Prep Course & Nutrition


    • Works out approx €4 per class*
    • 6 group PT sessions per week
    • No lock in contracts
    • No joining fee
    • All class types
    * coming in for 6 classes p/w including ROMWOD and open gym


    • Works out as €6.90 per class
    • 12 group PT sessions per month
    • All class types available
    • No lock in contracts
    • No joining fee


    • Works out at €8 per class
    • 2 CrossFit or Bare group sessions per week (Base package only allows access to CrossFit and Bare)
    • Build your routine with our entry level membership to Activate
    • No lock in contracts
    • No joining fees

Activate+Core Yoga - T...

  • Join our Activate+Core Yoga classes on Tuesday evenings.
     Yoga is a truly amazing practice which has benefits physically and mentally and is the perfect supplement to an active lifestyle.

Activate+Core Pilates ...

  • Pilates is a form of exercise that encourages strong and flexible movement meaning you'll be less likely to suffer from episodes of back pain.

    Pilates instructed by chartered and CORU registered Physiotherapist.

    Improve your flexibility, strength and movement.

    Reduce neck, shoulder, back and hip pain.

    Move better, move stronger for all abilities.

Activate Masters

Attendance Packs / Punch Cards

Normatec Session

  • 1 Attendance Pack

    - 20 minute session on our Normatec boots with zero gravity chairs 
    - Uses  high tech compression therapy
    - Allows you to recover faster
    - Ensures fresh legs and relief from DOMS


  • 1 Attendance Pack

    • 15 Mins Normatec Recovery boots session
    • 10 Mins Cryotherapy bath session
    If you are serious about recovery, ensuring you maintain performance during busy competitive spells is key. This package will have your muscles feeling fresher and ready to perform at your best.

CrossFit Prep Course

  • 4 Attendance Pack

    Those who are new to CrossFit complete four, one-on-one 60-minute Prep Course sessions with one of our experienced coaches. These sessions introduce new athletes to the basic movements of CrossFit including:

    • squat (back, overhead, and front)
    • deadlift
    • hang power clean
    • hang power snatch
    • presses
    • bodyweight movements
    The emphasis of these sessions are technique and introducing the intense (but fun) nature of the CrossFit methodology. These one-on-one sessions will allow you to integrate EASILY and SAFELY into our regular CrossFit classes. The sessions are scheduled at a time convenient to you.
    Once you've completed this prep course you can choose to join in with our regular CrossFit classes or continue with personal one-to-one coaching.